Category A

  • 1st prize : 500 francs 
  • 2nd prize : 300 francs
  • 3rd prize : 200 francs
  • Special prize for the best performance of the contemporary piece
  • Special prize "Young virtuose"

Category B

  • 1st prize : 1000 francs 
  • 2nd prize : 700 francs
  • 3rd prize : 300 francs

Category C

  • 1st prize : 4000 francs and solo recital in 2024
  • 2nd prize : 2000 francs
  • 3rd prize : 1000 francs

Finalists will get 500 CHF and diploma

Special prize  for the best performance  of the piece of ukranien composer in C or B categories -2000 francs.

Competitors of Category C will have the additional opportunity to compete for the special Prize of 1000 francs, if they include creation of composer Jean-Philippe Bauermeister in their program of the second round.

EMCY Prize "entry card" to EMCY promotion: 
online profile with international visibility, concerts, tours and other opportunities in Europe for one of our winners between 14 and 24 years old.

Solo recital next year at WEpiano festival in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Special prize « Val de Travers » Recital at the Festival de la Chapelle à Couvet in 2023

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