All competitors, who wants to compete for the « Virtuose Suisse » Special Prize, must be registered in music school or conservatory in Switzerland. A certificate is required.

Application form

To apply, please, send your application form and following documents hier :

  • Application form
  • A copy of your passport or ID card (to prove your date of birth)
  • Photo
  • Short biography
  • Receipt of the entrance fee payment
  • Link on Youtube or Vimeo with recording of first round for all categories: A, B and C.

 Video must be recent, recorded  during last 12 months in one take, with no cuts, shell keep a fixed short on participants face and hands. Any kind of corrections of audio and video are forbidden under penalty of disqualification.

In the title of your recording you shell indicate :

Name of the competition :« Piano Neuchâtel-Val de Travers » 2023 / Name and surname of participant with date of birth and category.

Application Fee

Category A - 70
CHF Category B - 100 CHF
Category C - 120 CHF

 L’association «Les Interprètes de Demain»
Banque Cantonal Neuchâteloise
IBAN : CH1000766000102790898
N de clearing : 766
Adresse SWIFT : BCNNCH22
Compte postal : 20-136-4

Association "Les interprètes de demain"
St Honoré 2
2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland

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